"In a rapidly evolving word, a College, ideally, needs to be a place, exposing the learner to not just, enhance learning but, more importantly, preparing for a successful journey, through life itself. On other hand, to meet the demand of the ever changing competitive world."

The broad academic programs balances well with a myriad of extra - curricular, social service and self development opportunities, attaching skills and attitudes which will fit the student for life, in the rapidly changing world of new millennium.

Our dream is to develop and dedicate J.M.Panera College as a Jewel of Manavadar to Mother India. Our philosophy is to deploy surplus family wealth to create an eternal stream of productive human assets to multiply community wealth.

Our vision is to widen and deepen the reservoir of Indian national technical manpower through a regionally balanced contribution by transforming every aspiring and deserving teen from the coastal Saurashtra region into a socially enriching and responsible professional."

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